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Margaret Bryce Smith School Scholarships


The Charity Commission scheme of August 2002 made provision for 4 nominated trustees and 4 co-opted trustees, until a Special Resolution was agreed on 3rd October 2016 that clause 6(1) of the Scheme shall be amended so that the number of co-opteed trustees shall be amended and shall henceforth be five.

The nominated trustees must be appointed as follows:

  • Two by Liverpool City Council

  • One by the Liverpool Association of Secondary Heads

  • One by the Association of Liverpool Special School Heads

Appointments by Liverpool City Council continue until a successor is appointed and appointments of other trustees both nominated and co-opted for an initial period of four years but with the option to seek re-election at the end of the term of office.

The following persons are Trustees for the year ending 31st March 2025:

Nominated Trustees:

  • Ms Juliette Gelling

  • Cllr Gerard Heffey

  • Mr Lee Ratcliffe


Co-Opted Trustees:

  • Mr Peter Barnes (Chair)

  • Mr Christopher Clarke (Treasurer)


  • Mrs Jan Clein

  • Mrs Margaret Rannard

An Annual Report is drawn up by the trustees and is available on the Charities Commission Website (1094348).

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